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Create and Share: Edgy Reindeer Tapestry

This post is sponsored by Cutting Edge Stencil, but ALL opinions are my own. 

Happy Thursday everyone! If you are new to here every month a group of bloggers participate in the Create and Share challenge hosted by Stephanie from Casa Watkins. This challenge allows us to be creative and think outside of the box. For this challenge in particular, I was given a holiday stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil for free in return for review. This challenge compared to the past Create and Share challenges had me scratching my head. I really loved the reindeer stencil, but was left stump when I realized how huge it was. So, I decided that I wanted to create an edgy reindeer tapestry. 
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Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
I Love the finished product of my tapestry and if I am speaking the truth, I was terrified to debut it because it is so me…PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!!!! The silhouette I created out of the Cutting Edge Stencil is raw and is totally up my alley in home decor. I hope you enjoy it, but please…if you are looking for a perfectly outlined stencil painted nicely….sorry, to say…my style is the complete opposite. 
Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
Materials Used: 
Cutting Edge Holiday Reindeer Stencil
Mod Podge Pearl finish and matte finish
2 paint brushes 
Fabric of your choice
Chain of studs*-I purchased mine in the jewelry section of 
Steps: Follow Below

Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
Lay your stencil on your fabric. With your paint brush (or foam brush) and Mod Podge with a pearl finish, paint it on the stencil, as shown above. 

Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
Once the whole stencil is painted with the Mod Podge, quickly remove the stencil. 

Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
While the Mod Podge is still wet apply the gold leaf on top of it (pat it down) and allow it to dry. I waited a few hours before I started brushing the gold leaf away. 

Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
Now…the technique I use will NOT leave you with a perfect silhouette. After the Mod Podge dries, brush the excess gold leaf off. 
Note: Before I started this project, I decided to stay true to my style and what I like. As much as I love this stencil…I knew that it would not be perfectly outlined or to the likes of store bought deer silhouettes. My goal was to create something that I would hang on my walls. 

Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
Seal the gold leaf silhouette using Mod Podge matte finish. 
Note: I could have painted the deer silhouette with gold paint and applied the same technique that I used on Charlotte All Over Stencil, but I chose to use pearl finish Mod Podge because I wanted to create a different look compared to what I have done in the past. I love how raw and unique the pearl finish looks underneath the gold leaf…almost to the affect of a worn shirt. 
Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
The finished product! 
Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
The studs I used…one word, MICHAEL’S! Love…it adds a bit of rock and roll! 
Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor
I cut the fringe and applied the chain and trim using my “magic” hot gun. haha. 
Gold Leaf, Fringe, and stud reindeer holiday decor 
I used a decorative dowel to give the look a more regal, tapestry feel. You cannot really see it in the photo but there is gold decorative wire used to help hold the tapestry up. Well folks, that is how I do it.  I hope you enjoyed my post and were able to see my vision for this Christmas decor come to life. 
Do not forget to Enter the Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway

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  1. Sara Kaufer

    Seriously?! You always amaze me. If you're my secret Santa, can you add this to my list of wants?!? LOL love this!!!!!!

  2. Meg Hemmelgarn

    You're so clever, this is great! The black and gold look great together!

  3. Iris Watts

    I love how it turned out, and of course you should always stick to your style! It's amazing!

  4. Sydney Andersen

    Oooh Jess I love this!! I'v been helping my brother decorate his apartment for Christmas and this would fit so well in his living room! Great job!!

  5. Tiffany

    Jess, this is such an awesome project! I love that it's a tapestry and that you used gold leaf. So, so fun.

  6. Uncookie Cutter

    How cool Jess! I've never seen this technique before, it's so beautiful!

  7. Cat Golden

    Super cool Jess! I agree it's completely edgy and completely awesome! Pinning!


  8. Refashionably Late

    Jess I love this!! I always love what materials you chose and the gold leafing is amazing!

  9. Katy {AShadeOfTeal}

    I love that stencil, your tapestry turned out so good!

  10. Stephanie -Casa Watkins

    I can't believe you made a tapestry!!! So awesome and definitely Domicile37 style! Love it!!! Pinning and sharing

  11. Sarah Burnell

    Oooooh this is so cool! I love the gold against the black!

  12. Kathy Baugher

    I want this!! I love your edgey style Jess.

  13. Creatively Homespun

    This really turned out great!!! It was so fun to see how different each of the deer stencils turned out. love it! I'm so excited to see how fast this challenge is growing! I'm so glad you're a part of it!! xo!

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