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My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition 2015

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Happy Monday! If you are visiting from Pretty Practical Home, Welcome! If you are just a fan, Hello and remember when I participated in the My Home Style Blog Hop? Well, Stephanie over at Casa Watkins has done it again, except she is calling it My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition. Last week I participated in a couple of Christmas Home Tour blog hops, here and here, and I stated that my Christmas decor style is “Vintage-Eclectic-Prep meets Glam.” I know a mouthful…but as much as I want everything to be cohesive…my tree honestly has a vintage eclectic feel to it. 
Sharing my Christmas style and what ornaments I use to decorate my Christmas tree

I sold my “traditional” Christmas tree last year…for some silly reason, I did not think we would be in this rental come this year…I know silly me. Anyways, I purchased a new Slim Tree, which fits better in the space. At first the mister was not very thrilled about it, but it grew on him and he started to appreciate its slim-ness. lol. He really liked how it does not take up floor space and I quote, he said…”It makes more sense for us to have a slim tree than a regular tree and I like it!”
Sharing my Christmas style and what ornaments I use to decorate my Christmas tree
I have a box full of vintage ornaments that I purchased at the thrift store two-years ago. I do not know if I could ever let them go…they are worth so much and I paid so little. They also add a FUN element to my space and my kids really like them. Most of my vintage ornaments are wooden, while some are plastic-like with a faux velvet feel to it. I really do not know how to explain it. 
Sharing my Christmas style and what ornaments I use to decorate my Christmas tree
My tree is wrapped with black mesh ribbon, blush pink sheer ribbon from my wedding, and red holiday beads. My gold and red bulb ornaments are also vintage and worn…YES, YES, YES…but you can find red and gold ornaments pretty much anywhere and DIY them to give them a vintage look. I also stuck a few clear bulb ornaments in the inside of my tree, to take up space….haha! Well, that is a wrap for me…Don’t forget to stop by Elizabeth Joan Design’s site to learn more about their Christmas tree.
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  1. Stephanie Watkins

    I love it Jess! The vintage pieces make your tree so cozy/family oriented. The little Santa in your collage is my favorite ornament at my parent's house. I put that ornament on the tree every year when we go over for Christmas dinner. Pinning and Sharing.

  2. Susan @ This Makes That

    Your tree is beautiful. Love all the touches of vintage ornaments!

  3. Shelley from Roots North and South

    What an awesome tree! Love how you incorporated the pink ribbon. Nutcrackers are a favorite of mine too. What great style you have pulling things together….

  4. Elizabeth Joan Designs

    Love your tree and how you incorporated vintage items and meaningful pieces!

  5. Prettypracticalhome

    Pretty tree, and the slim profile is perfect for the space! Love the beads and ribbon trim!

  6. Sara Kaufer

    Black mesh and vintage ornaments?! I'm in LOVE. Well done girl! I'm digging' our slim tree too. Beautiful!!

  7. Krista thehappyhousie

    Very cool!! So unique and custom!

  8. bon bon

    Beautiful tree Jess……I love those vintage ornaments. Watch out the Grinch (me) might be coming down your chimmney for the ornaments. Hugs!!

  9. Angela Neese Rathbun

    That slim tree is perfect in your space, and I love love the vintage and eclectic style! You rocked it!

  10. Maria Gonzalez

    Your tree is so cute and a perfect fit! I just ordered a slim tree for my dining room and I can't wait to decorate that one too.

  11. Carrie @ lovely etc.

    What a fun little tree. I really love vintage ornaments too and am on the lookout for them everytime I'm at a thrift store or estate sale!

  12. Kathy Baugher

    Vintage ornaments are so much fun! Your tree is beautiful. I really like the size and shape of it too!

  13. Corinna | A Designer At Home

    I love your tree! The vintage vibe is on point.

  14. Sarah Burnell

    What a great and unique tree! I hope the holidays bring your family a bit more peace and quiet – and respite from your recent house woes!

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